Unwavering Acceptance

I’ve wanted to write a tribute to my mother, Frances, for several reasons.

First, because I enjoy talking about her.

Frances is 91 years old, the matriarch of my family spanning four generations. She is vibrant, caring, gracious, active, loved by many and regularly uses her computer and smart phone to send me pictures and text messages.

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I'm Coming Clean

My bag of tricks isn’t working for me anymore.

I keep giving them another try then another.

I’ve switched out one trick for another and still they leave me hanging. Lately, more frequently than not I’ve been left exposed and insecure.

So I decided I needed to let the tricks go. I hate doing it but they’re not working for me anyway.

My hope is that when I do let go security will be my reward for being brave.


Here it goes.

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Can I get a do-over?

I had a problem.

I was stuck. I couldn't figure out a crucial aspect of coaching.

During life coach training we went through a couple of exercises to help us get a grip on the type of clients we wanted to coach; aka our idea client.

I sucked at this part. I was clueless. And felt I was floundering.

I completed training still clueless about this. I was told, "No worries. It will come to you."

It did. In the form of a do-over. Actually several...

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Five Secrets to Focus on When Planning Your Next Goal

You have an overwhelming, multiple step or complicated plan you want to execute. 

Something like…
- leaving your current job then getting the job of your dreams in another field
- moving across country and starting anew
- completing a graduate degree.

You want this. You want it to work.Your plan might have steps you have never done before. Other steps are scary and some are familiar. You know if you can pull it off it is going to be, “Oh, so good.”

I have five secrets for you to focus on when planning your next goal.

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Tis' the season...for people watching!

We often mistakenly assume that people are rude or uneducated if they don’t exhibit the “appropriate” behavior. We jump to the moral stance when we are inconvenienced by the behaviors of others.

It is my belief that when we step back from the behavior that is causing the inconvenience and take a look at our expectations it just might change our perception.


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The body never lies

Did you know your body has it's own language?
Do you use words like tension, anxiety and stress as your body's language?
Most of us do...I feel angst about this job interview, I'm stressed about Thanksgiving dinner, plans for the new addition or coffee with friends. 

Yet when we get still and pay close attention to the wordless musing of our bodies what we hear can be life altering…

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When your inner dialogue stresses your body

...when we hide behind the term stressed-out we don’t have to investigate our behaviors or thoughts. Our should thoughts run through our minds leave us feeling “stressed” and drive our behaviors - with a side dish of guilt and anger for contemplating the thought in the first place. Mmm, Mmm good!

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