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Meditation & Mindfulness

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A Psychology for Living

With three decades of advising in leadership and education and a decade of training in and deepening our own meditation and mindfulness practices, it is difficult to separate the two – so we don’t!

We have completed meditation studies with Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel at the Chopra Center and are currently enrolled in Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program.

We fold our mindfulness training and practice into our advising. Mindfulness informs how we connect with you, in order for us to create customized training, workshops and presentations to fit your organization’s specific needs. We see the value in integrating mindfulness into everyday practices, especially when serving others.

Mindfulness can mean many different things to different people. To us, it is a non-secular practice of moment-to-moment awareness of the experiences in our body, mind and heart. The practice cultivates kindness and compassion toward self and others, and increases our capacity to fully embrace our life experiences.

Some examples of how we couple mindfulness with leadership are:

  • Mindfulness practices that inform strategic planning and change

  • Experiential workshops that cultivate awareness and compassion

  • Conscious leadership for transformational teams

  • Choices that foster expanded awareness

To see what mindfulness & meditation can do for you, connect with us or read more about some of our on-demand services below.


Meditation & Mindfulness for Groups and Individuals

My experience meditating with Shawn and Jeff has been a remarkable one! Through their 7-week program, I was able to not only give myself a weekly space and time dedicated to focusing on my personal wellness, but I was able to learn powerful new ways in my everyday life to apply some of the practices to help me drop stressful situations and maintain mental peace and calm. Shawn and Jeff are a wonderful duo and I can’t wait to meditate with them again soon!
— Anonymous
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