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Mindfulness meditation

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A Psychology for Living

Our mindfulness practice began in earnest when Shawn was battling ongoing medical issues that went undiagnosed for over 10 years. During this time, not only was she dealing with health issues, but was also in midst of earning her PhD, managing the stressful uncertainty of gaining employment during the economic downturn in the US and underwent two surgeries. Searching for answers to relieve Shawn’s health symptoms and tools for managing their stress, we enrolled in a wellness program that included meditation. That was a turning point for us.

We became aware of many things that were leading us to live our lives in a kind of trance– our thoughts, habitual choices, unconscious feelings, numbing behaviors, and outdated or childish beliefs that were no longer serving us. Our first ah-ha moment was to understand the nature of awareness itself, that we were not prisoners to our thoughts, habits or feelings but rather we had choices in every moment. This insight led to a growing understanding of the many ways we were living unconsciously – opening the opportunity to experience life differently and begin to break the trance.

We made changes in our lives, deepened our meditation practice and became certified meditation teachers under Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel at the Chopra Center. A year later we were accepted into the 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. As part of that program we participate in communities of practice that meet monthly and have built strong relationships with mentors and peers by attending silent retreats, Dharma talks and related social activities. Our personal practice, certification and teaching experiences have prepared us to intuitively and skillfully mentor and teach mindfulness meditation.

This journey has led us to make meaningful changes in our lives and we’re now on a mission to change the workplace!

With three decades of advising in the areas of change management and education, and a decade of deepening our own meditation and mindfulness practices, it is difficult to separate them – so we don’t! We incorporate all we do and bring our full selves to the table.

Our aim is to bring mindfulness practices to your work place where you and your team spend 1/3 of your lives…and sometimes more. Learning compassion, acceptance, awareness and other mindfulness practices changes how we work and our relationships at work. Organizations that have implemented mindfulness practices have found that it can result in increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, lower levels of stress and improvements in overall happiness and job satisfaction. In short, it has the power to change the culture both inside and outside the office.

Examples of our expertise:

  • Mindfulness practices that informs strategic planning, change capacity and resilience

  • Experiential workshops that cultivate awareness, compassion and stress management

  • Development of conscious leadership for transformational teams

  • Integrating easy, in the moment, non-disruptive mindfulness meditation practices at work

This is not only a passion for us it is also a lifelong journey. To grow and support our own practice and that of others we regularly present at wellness days, small and large team meetings, seminars, workshops and other venues. We also host a weekly group meditation session in Victoria where everyone is welcome.

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For Businesses and Individuals

My experience meditating with Shawn and Jeff has been a remarkable one! Through their 7-week program, I was able to not only give myself a weekly space and time dedicated to focusing on my personal wellness, but I was able to learn powerful new ways in my everyday life to apply some of the practices to help me drop stressful situations and maintain mental peace and calm. Shawn and Jeff are a wonderful duo and I can’t wait to meditate with them again soon!
— Anonymous
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