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Who We Are


Strategists, Collaborators, Designers, Advisors, Speakers and Consultants

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The YOU in You Consulting is a husband and wife team of change managers, education & facilitation advisors, and meditation consultants based in Victoria, British Columbia. We collaborate with for-profit and not-for-profit clients of all shapes and sizes, across borders, to provide them with the tools and techniques to transform themselves.

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We bridge the gap between professional and personal, providing strategic services that drive results, offset by less tangible but more transformational qualitative gains. We listen, observe and notice what sets you apart from others then apply our depth of professional and academic experiences to build a balanced approach toward your goals. Our blend of light-heartedness, creativity and pragmatic thinking makes us special, and what we strive to pass along to all our clients.

Why The “You in You”?

We often get asked, why “The YOU in You?” Well, we feel our name speaks to the process of guided self-discovery and how we work with clients to go deep inside themselves, helping them see things that they may not see on their own. We work with the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit - to get inside their headspace and to understand their unique journey.

The Ajna symbol in our logo represents intuition. In addition to our decades of experience and dedication to best practices, we use our intuition to help us tap into your specific needs.

Our Process

Our consulting process begins with a discovery meeting where our goal is to build an authentic relationship and determine jointly our preferences for working together. Next, we move to strategic information gathering, where we work together to assess and pinpoint your specific needs. Collaboration at this phase is critical and provides the context to offer recommendations. We rely on your regular feedback to fine tune the approach as we move through implementation. We bring both head and heart to every project and look forward to serving you.



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Jeff Holmes

A professional skateboarder in a past life, these days Jeff gets totally stoked about guiding teams through change.

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Shawn Holmes

Shawn is forever listening and learning, which has earned her the moniker of "career student" from her sisters. They're only half right.


A Few of Our Amazing Clients

We listen
— Jeff & Shawn Holmes