The most exhilarating feeling is when participants "get it."

They get you.

They get your topic.

They learn, and you know because you see them light up.

You see the flicker of the light bulb - that you ignited - get brighter.

Their eyes get wider and there is a hint of a smile. 

They just learned something special and you feel it.


Passion, building connections, and reaching people is why you look for better ways to expand your business. You use presentations, class offerings, workshops as a venue to reach out. However,

You may:

  • Feel overwhelmed when you think you can't fit everything in
  • Worry that your audience will be restless or bored
  • Be uncertain and wonder if there is a better way to present your topic

It can be daunting to deliver content in an influential and meaningful way. You might think you should know how to teach your topic, after all, you spent years reaching this point in your career.


We work with professionals and business leaders who share the same feelings and concerns. We want you to feel the exhilaration of knowing participants "get it" every time you teach.


We created LUR© to jump start your teaching and know it will help you to teach even better.

LUR is a strategic learning and delivery framework that transforms ordinary content into works of teaching genius.

It is based in the research of how people learn and adult education. We've read the research so you don't have to! 

You will:

  • Overcome your struggles with ease
  • Know exactly what you need to do to get participants from here to there
  • Engage participants and make a stronger impact in their lives
  • Know how to adapt your content for a presentation, workshop or a retreat
  • Have the confidence to be intuitive and responsive when you teach
  • Influence clients like never before

LUR walks you step-by-step through the science of creating curriculum and the art of delivery.


We will:


  • Increase your confidence to successfully create meaningful content
  • Give you structure and tools to pull their thoughts and materials together
  • Provide a process in an easy to understand manner 
  • Quickly assess your desired outcomes and current ability level, create then execute an engagement strategy to take you on the journey 
  • Listen deeply and ask astute questions to uncover the above
  • Hold you both accountable and capable
  • Encourage both reflection and action to achieve the desired outcomes

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I want to thank you again for taking the time to offer me coaching and such valuable guidance in regards to my presentation. The information you shared with me was extremely useful and I often refer back to these points to help me continue to grow. It was really priceless! I’ve even shared some of these pointers with others.
— — Amanda Ringnalda, VP of Services & Operations, Vedic Master Educator, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

"Working with Shawn changed not only the way I approach my webinars - but has carried over into my client work as well. I’m done with second-guessing what I’ll share and how I’ll share it – Shawn has given me the guidance and knowledge I need to create magic for my audience and clients time and time again.

She helped me nail the content and flow of my sessions, so that participants leave with major value from what they’ve learned, and they can take action immediately. And best of all, Shawn’s knack for increasing audience engagement meant that even though I was presenting, it didn’t feel like a one-way flow – the viewers were right in there with me, learning and having fun." --Devon Smiley, Negotiation Coach.

Shawn is an excellent instructor who knows how people learn and puts a great deal of thought into how to present content well. She beautifully melds her own experiences teaching with research and academic thought that gave us great examples and suggestions to learn from for our own teaching.
— Anonymous evaluation comment