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Dr. Shawn Holmes


Education & Facilitation Advisor

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Dr. Shawn Holmes is the founder and co-owner of The You in YOU Consulting, Inc. Together with her partner, Jeff, they provide professional consulting services and teach meditation, education & facilitation, and change management. Dr. Holmes has spent most of her professional life in academia having earned her PhD. in Science Education from North Carolina State University, where she was a science teacher educator as an Assistant Professor; she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from Temple University, where she was an Assistant Clinical Professor and focused her dental practice on serving medically compromised patients; and a M.A. in Multicultural Education from Eastern University.

After moving to Canada in 2011, she taught Self & Other courses in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. Dr. Holmes now consults in the public and private sectors as a curriculum and facilitation advisor, and certified meditation teacher. Her practice and values are an intersection between learning, culture, community responsibility and compassion to create awareness of and participation in just, inclusive communities.

Message from Shawn

As a passionate educator and practitioner, I'm interested in working with those who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and by extension the world. Working together, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to create transformational learning experiences that match your facilitation style and help your audience to take action.

My Journey
  • Early On

    I was selected to participate in a program where fifth graders taught first graders. Teaching first graders changed everything for me. I started paying close attention to what makes learning happen. At 19, my sister introduced me to meditation and that began my conscious spiritual journey.

  • Dentistry & Teaching

    As a dentist I had two roles being a clinical assistant professor; treating my patients who were immunosuppressant and teaching. Both roles needed more than just my practical skills. Both needed me to understand at a fundamental level what was needed to inspire learning. For my patients, learning could prolong their lives and for my students it would make them better practitioners.

  • Giving Back

    Treating patients living in a refugee camp in Ghana, West Africa reinforced what I'd taught about patient care, reaching a broader community, and making a difference through teaching. From there, I transitioned to teaching high school science.

  • Doctorate in Science Education

    I earned a PhD to share my passion for teaching, inclusion, greater diversity and learning. My dissertation research on teacher’s ethical sensitivity and recognizing intolerant racial behavior was published in the Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health.

  • Consultant

    Now I use all I’ve learned, seen and experienced, and added coaching and meditation to round off my interesting blend of talents. I’ve developed a scientific approach to creating curriculum and I know the art of delivering it. With this, I help people turn their knowledge into an influential teaching platform - changing lives and businesses.


It’s one thing to call yourself an expert, but it’s another to actually be certified. You can have confidence that all of our certifications are up-to-date and that all of our services are representative of industry best practices.

I love, love, love the changing colour of trees during Autumn.
— Shawn Holmes