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Unsolicited emails!

Hi Shawn!

I wanted to thank you. Months ago I was very much at the end of my rope and I had to go away from work and from the rest of my life in general because, seriously, I couldn't take any of it anymore. 

I took myself away to take care of myself and used many of your techniques to try and help myself get better. Like the Right/Left hand conversation and the revert planning system. It took me weeks and weeks to get back into a more stable and positive place but now I am getting there. I had put my calendar aside for almost 2 months, not wanting to stress myself with timeframe and stuff but when I took it out again today I realized I had actually successfully done my plans and that I had met my goals... Almost a month earlier then I planned!!

I will be starting a new job next week as a programmer in a 3D animation company making flight simulator and other kind of "serious people video games" that will be used to help people learn to use equipment important to their job. This is seriously my dream job. :-)

I want to thank you a thousand times for all the help you gave all the tricks and me you gave me.

Catherine L, Victoria, BC



Hi Shawn,
Just wanted to thank you again for all the advice you gave me over the summer. You asked some really good questions, that made me dig deep within my soul. I have never been so tuned into my feelings as today.

I stayed persistent with that position we talked about. I had several interviews with the Vice President of the outpatient clinics, the section chief on Hem/Onc and the Fellow Director of the Cancer Center. Every time that "feeling" came up, I never "bagged" it. I always did something about it (emailed or called to follow up).

So, I say all that to say, I got the job. I am the [job title] for the Cancer Center at Georgia Regents University! I can't thank you enough for your awesomeness.

Marlo L., Martinez, GA



What people are saying...

"As a client of Shawn’s I thought her coaching was amazing. She pays close attention to what you are saying in a session, distills the inner and sometimes hidden meaning in it then provides practical advice on how to move forward or address the situation or problem. I’d never thought much about listening to my body like a compass, it sounded sort of silly when she first explained, but she trained me how to notice when my gut would tense up or my back would begin to ache if I had to do something or was living in a way that went against my  goals or objectives. She also taught me to listen to my body when things were going well. It is a great technique I use all the time for checking on whether I am moving in the right direction in my life. Thanks Shawn for teaching me this technique and for all of your help!"

Jeff H., Victoria, BC



"Shawn is a highly intuitive coach with a rare gift of capturing the essence of your true self and mirroring it back at you. She possesses the unique ability of helping you find the answers that lie within you and guiding you towards becoming the best version of yourself. Her gentle disposition and soft spoken approach immediately put you at ease, allowing you the space to be in the moment. I am lucky to have had her on my journey and would proudly recommend her in a heart beat!" 

Nadine. H., Regina, SK  



"What I love about working with Shawn is her deep compassion for others and her honest intuition. She has a way of making me feel safe and protected during every conversation we have, which gives me the motivation to dig even deeper and implement solutions we come up with together. I’m always surprised by her ability to clearly see my issue, even when I am stumped, and to gently guide me toward my own answers. She really does have a gift for getting to the heart of the issue without making me feel as if I’ve been beaten over the head. I’ve had more ah-ha’s in my work with Shawn then I have had working with anyone else in my life. If you are looking for an intelligent coach who knows exactly how to create a safe environment in which to explore, and if you want someone who lives and breathes what she teaches, then Shawn is your coach!"

Joan F., Port Angeles, WA