Mediation and yoga are at the top of my daily routine list.

I have a sweet spot for my hometown - Philadelphia.

I landed my first full-time job after I took a course in electron microscopy.

I love, love, love the changing color of trees during Autumn.

Favorite flower: Black-eyed Susan.



We lived in Long Beach, CA where we spent Thanksgiving Day on the beach.

We moved to Raleigh, NC where the summers were hazy, hot and humid. The Lake Park Swim Club was the best place to be.

Introduced to each other by Jeff’s mother.

Lived in Regina, Saskatchewan during an all-time record breaking snowfall. Too much for a Philly girl and an L.A. dude. We moved to Victoria, BC!

We love to travel; London, Lahore, Brisbane, Berlin, Accra or Agra…let’s go!



I love the beach, the ocean and the mountains.

I am a professional skateboarder in a past life.

My first job was working in my father’s hardware store in Playa Del Rey, California.

I’m kind of an astronomy nerd.