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Jeff Holmes


Advisor, Speaker and Strategist

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Jeff Holmes is co-owner of The YOU in You consulting along with his partner Shawn, and has had a long career working with government and private sector leaders on a wide variety of transformational initiatives. He is an organizational change leader who combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and strategic insight to develop trusted advisor relationships with leaders across government and industry, from executives to operational teams.

As meditation teachers, change managers, and educators & facilitators, Jeff and Shawn provide individuals and organizations the tools and techniques to empower and transform both themselves and their organizations. Jeff uses his sense of humor, consciousness of inner being and meditation practice to open a world in which people are drawn to more deeply understand themselves, see their innate ability and life’s purpose.

Message from Jeff

Change is complicated, can be emotional and frustrating. I focus on how I show up first, with a positive attitude and proven tools and techniques to support my clients. I get excited seeing light bulbs go off for people, the look in their eyes when they really get that they can do it, the relaxation in their body when they know “every little thing’s gonna be alright” because they have what it’s going to take to succeed. My goal is to give the best of myself, set aside ego, focus on you, and connect to what your needs are. At the end of the day, it’s your change, not mine. You have everything you need to be successful and you can do it.

My Journey
  • Spiritual Beginnings

    At 16 my mother and I went to a Hare Krishna festival in Santa Monica, California. When I asked one of the followers why they seemed so “chill”, he said simply; “meditate and detach”. Being more “chill” and detaching from my chaotic home life was just what I was looking for. From that experience I began my lifelong journey of experimentation with different forms of meditation and self-reflection.

  • How Change Changed Me

    The first time I went to any sort of training, I was hooked. Watching Don, the facilitator, I realized that teaching felt like the right thing for me. It met my longing to engage people in more meaningful ways and help them grow. I bugged Don and persuaded him to let me give training a try. He sent me a DOS technical manual and computer. Oh boy, DOS! I didn’t know anything about computers but I poured through the manual, figured out what sorts of things people needed to know, created my first class and on was my way to a new career.

  • Becoming a Change Manager

    Early in my career as a facilitator, I often had participants come to my workshops with questions about what purpose did it serve or what was the larger vision. They weren’t prepared for the future I was hired to train them for. I started asking around and learned about organizational change management which dealt directly with getting people ready for new ways of working. In 2011, I became certified as an organizational change manager leading large and small organizations through their changes.

  • A Leader in Change Management

    Now, as a change leader and consultant I’ve come full circle and incorporated my meditation and mindfulness practices into the work I do. This work isn’t for just the “big” change, but the skills and attitude I bring to the table are for every leader’s toolkit. Being present and focusing others on what is happening right now is key to moving forward and the missing ingredient for leading transformational change.


It’s one thing to call yourself an expert, but it’s another to actually be certified. You can have confidence that all of our certifications are up-to-date and that all of our services are representative of industry best practices.

I’m kind of an astronomy nerd.
— Jeff Holmes
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