There’s something about this work.

I get fired up seeing light bulbs go off for people, the look in their eyes when they get it, the relaxation in their body when they know “every little thing is gonna be alright”.

It is like throwing rocket fuel on my passion.

It’s all about the audience, yes I mean audience, because I see to teach, to train, to mentor...whatever you want to call it as a type of performance. A performance aimed at setting people up for success. I deliver the “show” for the people in the “audience” who I hope will walk away better, more knowledgeable or skilled, enlightened or smarter than they were when they walked in. Set aside the ego, focus on them, get connected on what their needs are, not mine.

I believe training and good instructional content is the cornerstone, the enabler for people to change. They can have all the awareness in the world. They can have a burning desire to change. They might even have the knowledge on how to do it. Without someone who cares enough to show them the way forward or teach them a new skill in a way that is easy to use, easy to learn and easy to remember is pretty much a guarantee they're not gonna get from there to here. 

I want to share my experience and my passion with people like you, who want, feel and see the same things. Giving the best of yourself, setting the stage and striving to witness the best in others.

Jeff has 27 years of experience working with government and private sector leaders on a wide variety of transformational initiatives. He is an organizational change manager combining mindfulness, emotional intelligence and determination to develop trusted advisor relationships with leaders across government and industry from executives to operational teams. Jeff and his wife Shawn are owners of the You in YOU Consulting, Inc. As meditation teachers, management consultants and curriculum designers they provide both individuals and organizations the tools and techniques to empower and transform both themselves and their organizations. Jeff strives to use his sense of humour, consciousness of inner being and meditation practice to create a world in which all people are drawn to understand their inner self and life’s purpose.