We co-create with you and develop customized transformational learning. We use the highest effect rate research-based learner focused strategies and help you create content that is easy to Learn, easy to Use and easy to Remember. That’s LUR!


LUR is the backbone of our workshops, seminars, consultations and coaching strategies.

Free seminars

The Science of Creating Instruction: 5 Essentials
This seminar is an overview of how to determine exactly what you need to do, and avoid, to get your participants from here to there. Then we’ll walk through the learner-focused lesson planning process and how to sequence your content for learning.


The Art of Delivery:  Wow your Audience
Telling is not teaching (though telling is necessary - sometimes). In this seminar, you will experience the top six research-based learner focused teaching strategies. You'll leave with an arsenal of techniques so your participants will get it and become raving fans.

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Our signature program. Spend a full-day deep diving into The Science of Creating Instruction: 5 Essentials and The Art of Delivery: Wow your Audience. We’ve read the research, applied it and narrowed it down to it's most concentrated form. This workshop is full participation, active involvement and high engagement, covering:

  • Building blocks of curriculum
  • The single most important question when creating content
  • How deeply do participants need to learn and why
  • Activities that really influence learning
  • Sequencing your content
  • Using  learning preferences to your advantage

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This is how you will grow the most as an educator. Observations are completed in-person or remotely via video recording. After attending the full-day workshop: you will choose a teaching strategy to master; have a pre-coaching session to learn, practice and fully understand the strategy and your expectations; implement the strategy while teaching live; and then have a post-coaching session. Prior to the post-coaching session you and our team will review your teaching looking for evidence of achieving your goal.Your written report will contain, your objectives, strengths, challenges, and next steps. (Prerequisite: full-day workshop)

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Do you have a presentation, online class or program, workshop or retreat you’ve delivered before or are getting ready to? This is a great way to move out of your comfort zone. Evaluations are best for classes you’ve delivered several times (or for several years!). A fresh look and a different perspective can bring out and revive your teaching genius.  We will walk through the structure of the content and sequencing as well as your handouts and activities. You will have a pre & post consultation and receive a written report. We’ll also give you tips for the best delivery methods for your topic and audience.

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Our most specialized service. You get the knowledge and experience of our team working with you on any aspect of your teaching, including (but not limited):

  • Content development
  • Determining learner objectives
  • Developing questions (the most underused most effective teaching strategy)
  • Planning your instruction
  • Delivery and facilitation

Educate clients in a meaningful way and make a stronger impact.

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