Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs leverage their specialty and teach - changing lives and their business.

Education & FAcilitation


Strategic, Meaningful Learning

Learning can change anyone’s life. Learning content that is meaningful, relatable and helps people solve problems for their day-to-day issues is a complete game changer. We are learning game changers and work with subject matter experts and innovators to dramatically increase the effectiveness of learning experiences.

Our best asset is building collaborative partnerships. During analysis, planning and design we work with you to build learning outcomes and expectations that positively impact learner performance. Our expertise in learning and development, adult education and curriculum design is our foundation to identify, research and resolve issues for the amount and depth of content, how to meet and exceed learner expectations and evaluating the results. We are with you from start to finish.

Mindfulness is a part of everything we do and our calm, open, humorous presence will help you gain clarity and confidence to create empowering learning experiences – changing your participants’ lives and your business.

Powerful Questions & Mentoring

We want your participants to learn in a way that will change their lives. So, we ask you powerful questions to understand the big idea of the content you are developing. Our Curriculum Design for Learning digs deep and uncovers the essentials to create dynamic learning experiences.

Curriculum and facilitation evaluation are our sweet spot. We pull everything together and provide a safe place to mentor effective learning strategies. The formal process is to assess the value of the curriculum and the facilitation – gathering data to determine what to keep, change or let go. You gain invaluable tangible skills to develop learning content and to facilitate in a way that encourages learning.


We appreciate the challenge of learning the ins and outs of different businesses and industries. We are there to provide an objective, knowledgeable, third-party perspective that is free of bias. This way we recommend the best course of action customized to fit your unique needs.

Shawn’s process enabled me to be present with what was in my heart and mind and allow it to unfold into a cohesive workshop structure. I experienced her method as a creative collaboration that moved along with joy and ease.
— Jennifer Kelly, Victoria, BC

Curriculum Design for Learning

Curriculum Design for Learning is a unique method we’ve developed that ensures learning outcomes and expectations are exceeded for both, facilitator and learner. Together we determine which concepts will resonate with your participants, identify the perfect amount of depth and detail, sequence the content, and create a plan that gives you flexibility and confidence to stretch your facilitation skills.

Below is a framework for the Curriculum Design for Learning sessions, which we use as a starting point and then collaborate with you to adapt the framework to your situation:

Working with Shawn changed not only the way I approach my webinars - but has carried over into my client work as well. She helped me nail the content and flow of my sessions, so that participants leave with major value from what they’ve learned, and they can take action immediately.
— Devon Smiley, Negotiation Coach,