Creating Powerful Curriculum is a unique method developed to make sure your learning and teaching outcomes are well received by your participants and achieve your intended outcomes.

Together we will:

  • Determine which concepts will resonate with your participants
  • Identify the sweet spot by finding the right depth and detail
  • Develop the perfect sequence to match your learning outcomes
  • Create a plan that gives you ample time to be flexible, facilitate learning and cover your whole curriculum

In the initial consultation we’ll determine your instructional and facilitation style, which will guide the curriculum design. We’ll set the foundation of your unique Creating Powerful Curriculum experience using insights gathered at the start of the process to co-design your master curriculum.

Session Overview:

Session 1:

  • Understand where your audience is at – what their knowledge level is and why it matters
  • Illustrate your content body of knowledge and how it impacts your content
  • Understand the building blocks of curriculum
  • Begin your content story

Session 2:

  • Dive into your content story and discover the big idea
  • Assemble and sequence the building blocks of your curriculum  
  • Ask and answer questions that will enable you to customize your content

Session 3:

  • Understand strategies to determine the depth and breadth of your content
  • Make intentional connections to your teaching delivery and learning outcomes

Session 4:

  • Determine the best activities and analyze why they are perfect for your outcomes
  • Understand how you will facilitate participant learning
  • Learn how to assess learning without giving a test

Session 5:

  • Explore and implement a learner-focused methodology to create content
  • Use backwards planning to refine your lesson plan

Session 6:

  • Review, present and finalize your lesson plan
  • Be confident in your decisions and know exactly what you need to do so participants will achieve the learning outcomes you’ve set for your workshop or retreat