PB + C = Light bulb!


Like the perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate (remember the Reese's commercial from the 80s?) that’s what happen to me when an idea from Emma Basu and another from Rachel Yates took shape in my mind.

Joining these two ideas felt delicious like peanut butter and chocolate!

Emma who is a life coach and co-founder of Wholistka, saw an earlier blogpost I wrote and posted on Bev’s Fear Buster facebook page. Wholistika is an online global community connecting teachers and students in spiritual wholeness and holistic health. Emma contacted me and asked would I write a blogpost listing tips for making a great course.


Emma thought it would be a great idea to send my teaching tips to Wholistka educators when they're designing a course.


I thought, “What a great idea"!


Little did Emma know that her request was a necessary component of a larger creation.


Several weeks earlier I was talking to expat extraordinaire Rachel about a program I was creating when Rachel stopped mid-sentence and said - you should create a program to help people write webinar content!


I thought, “Damn! She’s good!” Rachel really is great at coming up with fantastic ideas. Ask her clients!


Rachel had such enthusiasm and certainty that I couldn’t help being drawn in by her description of the new program. The thought sat brimming on the edge of my mind until Emma’s idea came walking in.


For me these two ideas were like joining peanut butter and chocolate.

PB + C = Light bulb moment!

The feeling was delicious.

Here’s why.


I’m an intuit when it comes to creating content that translates into dynamic learning experiences. Emma’s idea caused me to be very focused as I deciphered and put into words the elements I look for and use to create courses.


The more I analyzed and gave a voice to my own process the louder Rachel’s idea screamed inside my head.


Do it!

So I did.


I’ve created a program that is the perfect mix of what I intuitively know how to do, have mastered through education and experience and is what you need to make your courses EVEN better.


INTRODUCING: Make Your Course EVEN Better!

My goal is to inspire professionals with a passion to share and I’ve got a quick and easy way to make that happen!

Jump over here and see how it works!


Next post Emma’s request! What I look for when reviewing course content (aka - teaching tips)!