6 Reasons why group meditation is a YES!


We had just begun our meditation certification program when Cherie asked us to join her. We jumped at the opportunity to share what we were learning while starting a group practice.

We were lucky because Cherie already knew of the health and stress-reducing benefits of meditating in a group and she wanted to create that experience at work. She had a fairly consistent practice of her own but stress at work was getting her down and as a result she wasn’t enjoying work anymore. She knew meditating with a group would boost her spirits and resilience.


Meditating with a group is a great way to start your practice, continue your practice and encourage others to practice. We hear people all the time who either want to start a meditation practice or they want to meditate with others. Here’s how to do BOTH!

6 Reasons why group meditation is a YES!

  1. Nourishes, motivates and helps to develop an individual practice
    Meditating with others reinforces your intention to have a meditation practice. Your commitment to be a part of the group nourishes your commitment to meditate more regularly. It reduces your excuses!

  2. Opens you to different ways of thinking and meditation practices

    The group can get you unstuck, refresh your practice, help you explore different types of practices and learn different ways to think about daily struggles.

  3. Feel less alone, more connected and supported

    Gives you courage to continue showing up and move pass thoughts like, “I don’t have time”, “I’m not doing this right” or “this isn’t for me”. Physically being with others reduces feelings of loneliness. What we think we can’t do alone we can do with the support of others.

  4. Available guidance and feedback
    There will likely be varying levels in the group. Through discussions and sharing, members can help each other clear up confusions, find answers, move past difficulties and get general feedback about meditation expectations and experiences.

  5. Can enhance your experience
    There is power in numbers. When like-minded people come together for a shared purpose the shared experience becomes amplified. Have you ever belted out a tune in your car with the windows rolled up? Then sang the same song with a group of your best buds? Now, amp that up to singing that song at a concert? The energy is contagious and your singing is “better” each time. Studies show that there is a ripple effect of peace in surrounding environments when groups come together to meditate.

  6. Safe environment to exercise your meditation muscle
    Starting a meditation practice or getting back into practice can feel daunting. You will gain confidence of your own abilities by learning and practicing in the safe environment of a group. The connections with others and shared intentions may strengthen and stretch your goals to add more mindful practices throughout the day.

Meditation can be a shared activity that supports your individual journey inward - bringing you inner peace, compassion and joy.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead