Young vs. Old

I often hear how “young people” (around 18-35) are very comfortable and savvy using technology. In my experience I haven’t seen much difference between the learning needs of young adults and older adults.  Yes, younger people are more comfortable with technology as general rule, but that doesn’t make them more skilled at using it and they have the same struggles as anyone else.  There are a couple of key differences I’ve found between a younger and older audience:

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Lessons Learned

Not long ago we built an enhancement for our web site. This is the story of a lesson learned.

The site we build is used by financial advisors to help view client accounts, perform maintenance on those accounts and link to information that would help them service or sell more accounts. These accounts consist primarily of mutual fund or brokerage accounts. The data comes from a third party we have contracted with to provide that data.

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Jeff HolmesComment
Challenging the Work Ethic

I have always felt uncomfortable around people who brag about how hard they work. Of course to proclaim my discomfort would brand me as some sort of anti-American freeloader so I tend to keep those thoughts to myself. To me work has always been a means to an end. I want to enjoy it, do it well, please my superiors, be paid fairly, etc. However, it is but one aspect of my life that I balance with the other things that I value such as family, friends, travel, hobbies, etc.

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Polish your Presentation: 5 Must-haves

I have a habit of signing up for workshops, talks, seminars and lately a webinar or two just to - well - witness learning. I’m fascinated with how people learn, what makes learning happen, the sequence of events and how to orchestrate the dance between teaching and learning.
And I love figuring out how to make the teacher-learner dance more alluring, interesting and inspiring.

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Watch Your Step

I really, really, really care about how well participants learn your content. Understanding how people learn is at the core of my work. My tagline is, “Inspiring professionals with a passion to share.”

Because I care so much about how well your participants learn your content, I am telling, begging, pleading with you to NOT plan your course by your lonesome.
Today I’ll share reason # 1.

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